[WBE] Extension for my home layout

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Today, I’ve news from my Hon30 logging layout in out living room. Some while ago, we rearranged out office-corner, so I was able to add the remaining 60cm module with the small bridge and meadow. Now the home layout is in full length and ready to run some trains when ever I like.

To get access to the window, the extension can be removed very quick and easy.

Here’s a small video of the layout, featuering my Maine style Minitrains stuff.

Cheers, Gerd


  • Dougal Chestnutt says:

    Danke Schon Gerd, nice layout thank you for sharing it on video

  • Bernd says:

    Hey Gerd,
    Mit diesem Film ist dir wieder ein Meisterwerk gelungen! Echt super, weiter so!
    Viele Grüße vom doppelten Lottchen, Waldbahn Scherviller

  • David Hunt says:

    Very nice to see how you have an operating session on your layout. The quality of your construction of the layout is superb, showing how you can enjoy the operation of the layout is the finishing touch. Regards David Hunt

  • Karl Schmid says:

    Habe gerade das Video angesehen – toll. Ihre Landschaft ist super. Bin Muliscaler und Amerikaner. Können Sie mir den Gleisplan Ihrer Heimanalge mailen? Das wäre toll. Danke Karl Schmid