[Waldbahn Gazette] – Updates from the others

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Hello folks,

the last issue of my „Waldbahn-Gazette“ was published a long time ago, so it’s time for some updates from other logging railroads and my friends.

Waldbahn „Horský Dolina“

The Waldbahn „Horský Dolina“ was first featured in my blog in Feb 2019. Tobias has extended his railroad with a new branch, including two new loading spots. He didn’t install any passing loops on the new section, so empty trains are pushed to the destinations, or he uses cable shunting, as it was typical on my railroads.

He also finished some new locos and cars in his workshop. And if you feel familiar with the railbus -> yes, it’s my old CFF railbus. When my Krauss loco got finished, I didn’t use the railbus anymore, so he went to Tobias and is now in service on his Waldbahn „Horský Dolina“.

Bernds „Abreschviller“

My good friend Bernd first copied my Hon30 logging railroad, but soon stepped into typical French/Alsace style modules. His long-time dream was to create an H0n30 model of the well-known logging railroad museum of Abreschviller. Finally, he started work last year and here’s the finished station module, along with some right-of-way segments, showing typical scenes of this need prototype. All structures and many cars are scratch built.


Finally, some weeks ago, I got an eMail from USA about to my small N-scale Heisler I build many years ago. She got recently sold to a new owner and he has some questions about the model. I asked him for some actual photos and I’m happy to share them with you. The loco is still in good condition and runs well. It’s awesome to get news and updates of such pieces of scratch build model train stuff, that I’ve made such a long time ago and to see them still around and in good shape.

Well, this will be enough for today, It really time for me to get the new caboose weathered…

Bye, Gerd

Operating my garden logging railroads

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Hi folks,

last weekend, a friend and model railroad came for a visit and we operated my garden logging railroads for a full day.

First, we ran the Romanian style rolling stock “CFF Romania”.

Later we switched the rolling stock for my Louise Valley Lumber equipment.

The day ended with BBQ and campfire.

Regards, Gerd

[LVLC] The new cars got weathered

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Hi folks,

yes, I postboned the weathering part on the new cars for a long time, but finally, I started with the three new freight cars. This is how they looked before.

And here after the airbrush-finish.

I’ll add some remains of loads (wood blocks, bark, sand…) and some clutter to get them finally finished.

I look forward to get the caboose finished as well.


Trackwork at Karlsruhe

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Hello folks,

I got a call end of last week if I could help to lay some tracks at the club layout. So, I went down to the club yesterday and joined Jonas to get a removed section of track back in place. The real railroad beside got new cable ducts, so we had to remove some rails to allow access to the working side. Since the location of the cable ducts has changed as well, we re-arranged the turnouts to fit the new space.

In the end, this took much more time as estimated, but once the final train of ballast was in, the gap was closed again. At least for the last two events this year. Some sections, including a turnout, got damaged by the machines used by the working crew, so we’ll have to spend some more work in the winter month to get everything back in smooth condition.

Bye, Gerd

[MLC] Moody Lumber operation session

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Hello folks,

a few days ago, I made use of the good weather and spend an afternoon at the club layout to dun my Moody Lumber Co. trains.

My friend Jonas also joined and decided to steam up my Forney. So, this went up to be the first time in more than 4 years, that both my steam locos were in service the same time. I also used the opportunity to make actual photos of each rolling stock to be added to the MLC-overview in the menu bar on top of this page.

Cheers, Gerd

[LVLC] Caboose – part 4

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Its time to get the interior finished.

The wooden strips shown in last week preview were assembled to a workbench, which got weathered and detailed with tools and clutter.

Back in time, Pola/LGB/MO-Miniatur offered a workshop & toolcar in G-scale, which included a whole bunch of diecast detail parts, which I use on my models. Unfortunately, they are rare to find these days and not cheap.

I also made a shelf for more clutter from some boards and strips. The oven and barrels are parts from MO-Miniatur as well, while the fire protection sheet was made from real sheet metal.

Here are two more photos, showing the completed interior as well as a final photo of the caboose with the roofs on top.

BTW, all four new made cars got some wood stain applied as base for the upcoming airbrush weathering.

[LVLC] Caboose – part 3

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Good morning loggers,

let’s start with the interior. The high seats for the conductor/brakeman were made from wood. The cabinets underneath got some details parts added made by Ozark and handrails from wire.

The brakeman also got a facelift (literally) as this (probably a Bachmann figure) was somewhat creepy. I cut away the gloves, re-positioned the right arm and gave him a new coat of paint.

Here’s a test fit inside the caboose, first progress on the roof and finally an outlook for next week project.

See you :-)

[LVLC] Caboose – part 2

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Hi folks…

… and welcome back at my caboose project. I finished the planking on the basic body-frame.

I used coffee stirrer for the planking, which are 5-6mm wide and 1mm thick. With the different texture and color, they already provide a very authentic surface. Some of the bracing-timbers were cut to size at the bandsaw.

Next to the windows. I glued the frames on top of clear acrylic and the finished windows are than glued from the inside against the window trim. At least I made a simple roof from thin plywood, which will stay removable to get access o the interior. This will be the next project.

Bye, Gerd

Short break

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Hi folks,

spontaneously, I took a break from model trains last week and simply enjoyed the summer and family. Therefore there’s no update on the caboose this week. But it will continue next week. I already did some progress on the planking and it looks great. So stay tuned for next weeks update.

Relaxed regards, Gerd

[LVLC] Basic construction for the new caboose.

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Hello folks,

since I was still unsure which style of caboose to build, I’m glad to present first progress on the caboose this week. During research for the sand & gravel car in the West Side Lumber Co. book, I spotted old WSLC caboose #2 with its diagonal bracings on the outside. This car looks something special and will be used as inspiration for my shorter version.

Let’s start with the basic timber construction. The timbers were cut on the bandsaw. First I thought that 4x4mm might be to thin, so I cut them to 5×5. Later I realized, that 4×4 would have been better. Anyway, next time I may remember and choose the correct size.

If I’m in need for multiple pieces with the same length, I use to bundle them together with sticky tape and cut them in one go.

The timber frames were glued together on a sheet of backing paper, since the white glue will not stick to it and the finished parts can be removed easily. The assembled segments are then glued to the car frame.

Last part for today is the cupola on top. Next week, I’ll start to cover the frame with boards and install first details as well.

Bye, Gerd