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Many thanks !!! Gerd

“Homework” and workshop update

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Hello followers,

in the past two weeks, I finished some very important steps which I postponed way to long.

As we bought our new house, the back side above the porch roof wasn’t finished. I covered the section up with wood in clapboard style. It took me two days and was worth the effort.

There were some other unfinished sections which got finished as well, so all open tasks from the To-Do-List have been closed by now.

Maybe someone may wonder what happened to the upper garden I reported of some weeks ago. Well, the grass grows very fine as well as the flowers in front of it. I also finished the small play ground for our daughter.

After all this jobs done, it was time to go back into the workshop for some railroad projects… But what the heck…

Well, I put in some good music, rolled up the sleeves and started to clean up the whole shop. It took me the whole week since I decided pretty soon, that it would be best to make it right. I rebuild and rearranged some shelfs, added new ones and reorganized some other areas to store tools and stuff. I even spend the time to sort all my drills… At the end I’m very happy about all the work I spend I really look forward to keep the workshop as tidy as possible during the next projects ;-)

Regards, Gerd

The Waldbahner-Gazette #2 – „Waldbahn im Casanital“

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Hello logging railroaders,

at a model railroad show in Mannheim in January, I meet Daniel from Mannheim, which has watched my videos on Youtube about my Hon30 logging railroad modules. He was fascinated by the concept and design and told me that he’s going to build his own railroad soon.

Now I’m happy to show you the first photos of Daniel’s “Waldbahn im Casanital”. He wrote to me:

Since 1800, the forests around Casanital were harvested for logs and timber. After approx 3 years of logging, a 2′ narrow gauge railroad was built to haul the timber out of the forest. In the first years, horses and oxen were used to haul the cars, but in 1810, the first little 0-4-0 steam loco was put into service, build by the Mosbacher Maschinenfabrik. After WW1, retired rolling stock from the former Heeresfeldbahn was acquired and came to the Waldbahn im Casanital.

In the meantime, the railroad line was extended to a cement works and a small harbour at a nearby canal was built as well.

Since several month, the presidents of the Waldbahn Casanital and Waldbahn Eusserthal are in contact about a connecting route between both railroads.

It’s planned to show both layouts together at a show in Ludwigshafen later in 2018. Maybe Bernd will join as well with his railroad, which would lead into the largest Hon30-Casani-Module-Meet so far. As soon as I’ve further details, I’ll post them here on my blog.

Regards, Gerd

[CFF] Completing the rail-car

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today I’ll show you the second part of the rail-car. As announced in the last post, I made a new trailing truck from brass and small 18mm wheelsets. As before, I used photos of the car at Commandau as reference. The truck can be taken apart by screws to insert the wheelsets after painting.

At the car, I added a bolster to take the front truck. From the scrapbox, I took a pair of old couplers which are used as buffers. Below the side doors, a step from brass will help to climb into the car.

Once the driver was glued in place, I screwed on the body shell and gave the whole car a nice weathering. Once I can acquire some tools and crates, I’ll add some load to the trunk of the car.

Cheers, Gerd

[CFF] A rail-car for the logging railroad

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Hello again,

I’m proud to report the last batch of logging trucks (disconnects) done. Over all I made 12 pairs of them and I can’t imagine to make more of them ;-)

8 pairs are used as logging disconnects to haul logs, 2 pairs are used as trucks on the flat car, another pair below the caboose. The last pair will carry a freight car, which will follow soon.

With most of the rail cars finished, it’s time to start something totally different… like a rail-car ;-)

Several logging railroads in Romania used rail-cars or rail-trucks for several purposes. During some research on the internet, I found this Russian “Wolga”-car, which is close to some other rail-cars used in Romania. It’s 1/18 scale so it matches very well to my 1/19 scale (16mm-scale) railroad. The car body is from metal, while all other parts seem to be plastic. I started to dismantle the car to see how it can be converted to ride on rails.

The rear axle got a motor drive installed, which is mostly hidden by the wheels and chassis. I had the components from another project in my junk-box and could re-use them on this project. I just had to move the large spur gear to and exchange the bearing pipe to fit the larger axle diameter.

On the car chassis, I removed the rear axle and added new bearings to the leave-spring suspension. I used photos of a similar car used at the logging railroad of Commandau in Romania. I had to move the springs slightly outward to make space for the wheel set.

The model originally featured a fully detailed motor unit under the hood. Since I was able to place all the electronics here, I ripped out the motor and started to install the old Locolinc control. the receiver and controller are placed at the back. A 4s Lipo battery with 450mAh fits in well so the all the control and power stuff is hidden below the bonnet.

You can see the receiver on the left and the controller on the right. The controller is also able to switch lights as well as functions just as DCC. At the moment, I don’t install lights at all, since the Resita is also without head lights. Maybe I’ll add them one day in the future.

In the center of the engine bay is enough space for the battery. A switch was added to the left-side wheel case and the electronic installation was complete. Time for a first test run on rails.

Now I wait for some brass profiles I ordered to build a matching front truck with small wheels just as on the prototype. Hopefully I can show the progress next week.


Technical updates (GDPR)

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Hi followers & readers,

two sleepless nights and some grey hairs lay behind me, but I finally managed to do some important updates on my blog. First of all, my blog is now SSL-encrypt and I spend some attention to the actual data protection rules. Finally I was able to reactivate the blog-comments as well as blog-subscription and a contact form. The new data protection declaration can be found in the top menu.

As expected by me, WordPress and Automatiic have provided new updates to fullwill the GDPR. I also checked the other plugins I used, removed some and replaced others which were not “clean” with the GDPR. During the next days, I like to review older blog entries and update especially the Youtube-links, to reduce the data traffic between the websites.

If you determine any issue, please let me know. One starts to get routine-blinded to fast.

And now, back into the workshop for the next logging railroad project. Let’s see what I can show you next week.

Kind regards and enjoy your hobby, whatever which it is.



[MLC] Zürich “Tüffenwies” 2018

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with a one week delay, I’m happy to show you my latest videos from our 2018-trip to Zürich in Switzerland. As each year, the Swiss Dampf-Modell-Club holds a 4-day meet around the Ascension day. We had a great time there and meet a lot of friends and enjoyed the very nice layout which is still growing each year.

This year, I focused on movie clips instead of photos. Ans as I’ve posted many regular movies of my running trains, I decidede to spend more attention to the steps before the train is running.

Cheers, Gerd

Changes on my Blog due to GDPR

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Hello logging railroaders,

I’m not sure if all of my English-speaking readers are aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. Actually nearly any publisher of internet content is affected and it’s hard to obtain the rules to stay clean with the law.

After some research, I learned that my WordPress-Blog is also affected and doesn’t match the GDPR-rules. As I run my blog as a hobby beside my hobby, I don’t have to time to check each and any issue on my Blog. I’m either a PHP-geek or internet-specialist to do tricks changes on my blog. So I decided to ban the most difficult functions, which are unfortunately the most important on a blog. It’s the newsletter function as well as the comment-function. Both are collecting and storing personal data (i.e. mail address and IP).

At the moment, I look forward to find a solution which is GDPR conform until the ultimate deadline of May 25th 2018. Once a proper plugin or solution can be installed, I’ll reactivate the functions.

In the meantime, I hope my fans and friends will stay loyally to my blog. As in the past, I’ll post a new weekly report any Tuesday. If you like to contact me, please use my regular mail address.

Thanks for your comprehension and I hope, that the chaos of the new GDPR will decline soon.

Kind regards and see you next Tuesday,

You Waldbahner aka Gerd

[CFF] log loads and storage boxes

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last week I spend some attention to the storage and transport of my new garden railroad rolling stock. Since I got some more cars together now, it’s not the best way to just set them into crates for storage and transport.

So I bought some sturdy plastic boxes and added wooden stop blocks to hold the cars in place. All cars can be stored in 3 boxes, a 4th one will be used for the log loads.

The large box above will hold the caboose and a future freight car. To store the loco, I used an old aluminium trunk in which my first steam loco was housed 20 years ago. The loco got sold, but the trunk is still there. So I added a new wood casing inside for the Resita-loco. Above the loco is enough room for my second “motive power”-unit. More on the blue rail car within the next weeks.

While my neighbor was cutting the walnut tree in his garden, I was able to get several length of straight twigs which got cut down into 42cm pieces ti represent 8m logs to be load on my disconnect log cars.

I also had a bundle of hazelnut twigs which I sawed into 1m pieces to make a pulpwood load for the flatcars. The wooden block in the center will add stability and saves some material. The timbers got glued down with hot-glue. The whole load is removable from the car.

Cheers, Gerd

[CFF] Updates on my romanian cars and live steam meet at Schramberg

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Hi folks,

another week has passed with lot’s of activities.
First of all, I made an interior for my tool box, which was on my to-do-ist for a long time. The wooden tool box comes from the home store, while I added the compartment setup for all the tools and stuff I need to operate my garden rail live steam locos.

Next I completed the work on my logging flat cars. Once the brass frames got painted and weathered, I glued some wooden planks on top which got stained to a weathered grey. One car got a full deck since it’s used to haul goods and loggers into the woods. The second car seems to be “well used”.

Some while ago, I showed photos of my original “LGB logging railroad” which I build nearly 20 years ago. One of the survivors was this tool car. Since the original trucks got lost, I spend a pair of my new designed disconnect trucks. The car is now ready for service again as tool car, caboose and aux. tender for the steam loco.

Since this car is a “historic model” from my beginnings in model making, I’ll keep the original Playmobil interior even if it’s not to scale.

Live steam meet at Schramberg(Germany)

Last weekend, I attended the 2nd live steam meet in Schramberg. Last year I was there for a one-day visit and it was a very nice meet. Due to business requests, I was not able to spend all 3 days, but I look forward to do so next year. Needless to say, I had my Romanian log train with me. Very interesting was the direct comparison between my Resita and an original Reppingen-loco, showing the many details I added on mine.

Ans for sure I also run my log trains. Many visitors were afraid when I loaded the disconnects with heavy logs. Many couldn’t beleave that the engine would handle the load, but actually, she could pull even more cars. Also of interest was the little 009-live steam loco, that we ran during lunch time.

At least, here are a few movie clips of my train running. As usual on such events, I’m so busy with meeting friends and steam fans as well running my trains, that I totally miss to make more photos. At least, it was a great meet and I would like to come again next year for all three days.

Cheers, Gerd