Cutting area and log landing

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hi folks,

I get closer fo the final steps on my last module of the Hon30 layout. I raised the log landing platform with wooden strips, cut on a micro table saw. From this platform, the logs are rolled over the fold down stacks of the log cars on top of them. Once the lower logs are in place, thick branches are leaned against them to roll the next logs on top of them and so on.

I’ll add some more plants, grasses and other scenery parts to this scene during the final touches. During the construction, I just had a look for the sections below the platform.

In the background, I created a cutting area where most trees are already gone. Just a bunch of stumps and brushwood has remained. One of the trees is actually in progress by three loggers.

The ground scenery is mostly done on this area, but I’ll some of my typical plants during the final touches. The progress of today brings me y big step closer to the end of this project. By finishing the vegetation, just a few detail parts and scenes are missing and last segment will be done as well.

Bye, Gerd