More trees and colorfull stones

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 19 October 2014


today I spend 2 hours on my last segment of the Hon30 layout to get some important progress done.

First I colored some stones of the bicolor retaining wall to make her look more realistic. I’ll add greens and vegetation later to finish this scene I guess it will become very nice.

In front of the loading spur, I drilled rows of holes and inserted poles (tooth pics) for the basement of the log platform. I’ll add cross bars and decking later to finish the log landing.

And at least, I brought the tress in place. Since I ran out of trees, I got some clearings where I’ll model some meadows or at least a cutted area of the forest. I’m not sure at the moment, but maybe I’ll remove the trees behind the house and move them more to the left tree group. That would give some better view to the trains on this module.

Anyway, I look forward to get more progress done on this segment next week.