2″-scale riding car #2 in the car shops

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 16 November 2014


after a long time in Hon30 modeling, I take a break for some 2″-scale projects. The big indoor steam meet in Karlsruhe will start next January and I’ve some issues with my riding cars to operate the steam locomotives. During the 2014 season, both cars had issues with the trucks/wheelsets and both are out of service at the moment. I’ve to fix them for the next event in January.

I started with the easier patient, riding car #2. The trucks were originally made for my log loader which was already scrapped. Since I used them for the big riding car, they had to carry more weight and finally the wheels loosen on the axles and caused big trouble.

I took the trucks and wheelsets apart. The wheels got new bores with 14mm diameter and I cut 4 new axles from 16mm steel rod. I turned the ends of the new axles to shape on the lathe. The wheels are pressed on the axles with my homemade 2 ton press, which works very well.

The revised wheelsets are installed in the old trucks which got some improvements too and finally the riding car #2 is back on track and ready for service. Next I’ll take care of the car #2 which will need two new complete trucks. I hope I can get this project done within the next week.

Cheers, Gerd