Backdrops for the Hon30 layout

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Meanwhile I managed the long time open issue “backdrops”.

I bought some simple sky backdrops offset printed on paper. They are 80 by 20cm each and originally designed for N-scale modules. I glued them to MDF boards and screwed them to the back of the modules. With the new backdrops, the modules are fitting just perfect into the storage boxes.

I used 10mm MDF and cut them to the needed dimensions. I cut them 1mm smaller as the modules are. I used spray adhesive to apply the paper sky and included a 2cm overlap on both ends. These were bent around the corner and hold in place with double-sided tape. When ever possible, I glued the blue sky around the bend. This will prevent “white gaps” between two back drops if they are not 100% aligned. This is why I cut the boards 1mm smaller. These steps are the same for all single backdrop boards.

A little bit more difficult was the module “char coal square”. Depending on the layout, one need a short backdrop when the rear module connection is user, or a long backdrop for a shelf layout. Therefore I made a foldable backdrop. The short piece is mounted to the module, while the extension is mounted with hinges. I use magnets to lock the foldable backdrop in both positions.

Another special segment is the corner module with the pond. In one layout, it’s necessary to remove the backdrop on this one. I installed threaded inserts and use M4 wing screws on this one.

Additional to the mounted backdrops, I made a foldable 40x40cm external backdrop which is used on 3 special layouts when the rear track on the char coal square is used for another fiddle yard. They will continue the backdrop from the right to the back.

Last special is the long module with the log landing. On the corner layout with two fiddle yards, the small fiddle will be right behind the log landing. Therefore it was not possible to extend the backdrop all the way down. The same solution will be used on the new to come module.

But first I’ll go to rebuild and improve my fiddle yards.