The Molino-Project – Frame and Boiler

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I did major progress on my Molino Shay.

For the boiler, I use the orignal N-scale Shay and rework this to fit the prototype. First I removed all separate added parts down to the pure casting. I used the mill and Dremel-tool to remove all parts and areas that are not needed to make the new Molino-shell. I removed major parts of the frame as I’ll model the typical I-beam frame.

Most critical area is the engineers side of the boiler. The air pump and air tank casting hides parts of the drive chassis inside due to the asymmetric boiler of a Shay. After cleaning up this area, there’s a huge gap in the shell which has to be filled or covered. As I was going to add a tool box to the run board and maybe some other clutter, I checked my scrap box and found a crate and barrel. I tested them for covering the gap and they match very well. That’s the way I’ll do it this time.

To replace the frame, I used 2x1mm brass channel together with 0.8mm brass sheets to make the new run boards. The brass parts are soldered together, while I use ACC or contact glue to add the brass parts to the boiler shell. BTW, the front foot step broke by accident. I glued it back into place later.

With the main frame done, I spend some time on the boiler toppings. I made a new stack from brass and afterwards another one, since the used headlight is higher than the prototype one and with the higher stack it looks better I think. The final over all look will come when the cab and tender is added.

At least, I added the truss rods to the frame from 0.5mm brass wire and the brake cylinder from different wires. Now the shell rebuild for boiler and frame is mostly done. Time to start with the super structure.

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