First changes in my workshop interior

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hi folks,

in the past days, did some finishing touches on my old house, which is actually for sale. I also brought a lot of stuff and tools from the old workshop to the new one and started to fill the drawers and cabinets with stuff. I soon realized, that I want have enough space for all the stuff which is still in the old workshop. Especially model making materials and parts. Finally I moved the 2″-scale bunkhouses and deco-stuff into the old garden shed and installed a shelf instead. Here’s a before-after-view :

Since I doesn’t need the roller boards for my steam locos anymore, I rebuild one of them to hold the disconnect-crates. Those were also shortened (since I made them a to large originally) and now the crates can be easily moved too. They found a place beside the storage shelf with the other 2″-scale rolling stock.

This weekend, I’ll finally move the three large workshop machines (lathe, mill and bandsaw) and once the machines were in the new shop, I can finally install the supports for them and I look forward to get the whole Workshop finished within the next 2-3 weeks. Once I’m done, I’ll immediately step into my next logging railroad project.

Cheers, Gerd