[MLC] Logging Caboose #7

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 18 February 2017

The next piece of Moody Lumber Co. roster has left the shops this week. It’s the logging caboose #7, which was rebuilt from the old BCRR-caboose. I removed the cupola and painted the car in brown.

Since I had some 3D-printed handrails left, I spend them as well to finish the platforms.

The interior was rearranged, since the high seat was not longer useful. I cut down a workbench, which I made for the engine shed scenery and placed it into the car. It fits in very nice and I could recycle another old piece. The car also features full lighting incl. tail lamps.

The next car project will be a bigger one, to ride on disconnects. I guess the car will be ready for service next week.