[LVLC] The Waycar

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 7 May 2017

The last car to be equipped with Kadees is the waycar. This seemed to be a bit complex first, but finally was easy as the other freight cars as well. I had thoughts while the end sills were different on this car. I removed the nailed-on stir-ups and used a Japan-razor-saw to just cut off the lower portion of the end sills. Afterwards I installed the couplers the same way as on the freight cars. Don’t wonder, I rebuild the car from bogies to 4-wheel when I built the boxcar.

Later on, I switched the 26mm wheelsets by 27.5mm San Valley ones which make the car look much better, even by the small difference in wheel-size. I also installed a break rigging to complete the already existing hand brake wheel.

Now all the cars are ready for airbrush-weathering…


Some may notice that I removed the road numbers. The high 2-digit numbers doesn’t feel right anymore on such a small roster. Maybe I’ll replace them with new 1-digit road numbers during the weathering.

One Comment

  • JürgenSpendel says:

    Immer wieder schaue ich mir Deine Bilder an und lese Deine Texte. Bin völlig fasziniert davon obwohl ich überhaupt nichts damit zu tun habe, bin ja H0 – Bahner, 3Schienen-2Leiter-AC.
    Aber werden Deine Berichte weiter verfolgen weil es mir gefällt.

    LG Jojo