[LVLC] Sawmill construction stopped – Climax back in service

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Good morning,

since I started to realize, how big my small sawmill will become, I came to a very import question – where to store the sawmill once finished?

Since I don’t have spare room at the moment to store such a huge construction, I decided to take a break on the sawmill project. We’re going to set a new garden shed into the backyard next year and I look forward to get some of the clutter out of my workshop, to get some space for the sawmill. I’m definitely very interested in getting the sawmill finished one day.

Instead of sawmill-progress, I can share other good news, that Climax #4 is back in service. I was still waiting for a decoder-set to get the loco finished and finally remembered the old Locolinc-system we used in late 90th. Locolinc is RC-based and works with addressed receivers and is easy to install with batteries. It’s somehow outdated, but still works fine and is quite right for me. And we still had two senders and a couple of receivers. I made a quick wiring on the Climax to check all functions and installed the receiver into the boiler, while the battery took place in the water tank.

Afterwards I restored the outline of the loco and glued all bits and bites back in to place. I also swapped the RC-system in the Shay to Locolinc, so both engines can now be operated on the same system and at the same time (which was not given by the other system I used before).

Together with the Livesteam Shay, the LVLC now features 3 geared stem locos in service. Usually, only 1 or 2 locos are in operation at the same time, since my LVLC is a very small logging railroad. The other locos are mostly for some variety in operation.

With most projects on the LVLC finished, I’ll take a break at this point. Next week, I’ll start with a new logging railroad project, which is on my wish list for more than 20 years now. More details will be shown next week.

Stay tuned, Gerd