[CFF] A new back for the Resita

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

I already showed the pieces last week, and here they are in place.

As the front pilot, the rear is also very basic on the model. Compared with the prototype, there’s a lot of potential for a model builder like me. I designed a new end beam and cnc-milled it out of 2mm brass. I also added another 6mm to the length of the frame, to get the correct length.

As on the front, the rivets are made from nails. The new toolboxes at the side are made from 20x20mm square pipe and I silver-soldered a back to them. The endbeam and toolboxes are soft-soldered together with a small piece for the frame extension.

Once the sides of the old endbeam were cut off, I filed all edges flush and slipped the new endsection over the frame. I drilled two holes on each side through the back of the toolboxes into the sides of the frame, to hold the extension in place with screws.

Now to the brake equipment. I added the levers of the hand brake to the firemans-side and the steam brake on the engineers-side.

Now I wait for the ordered suspension-rigging and couplers to complete the frame.

Will be continued soon ;-)