[Garden Railroad] Heavy earthworks

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 24 April 2018


today I’ve no news from my model trains, but an important update out of the backyard. A few month ago, we torn down the old side structure in the back yard. To the north side of the structure lies another 75m² section of our garden, which was heavily crowded by stinging nettles as well as building rubble and timber from the former owners.

In the past month, we cleared this section of the garden from junk and rubble as good as we can. Now it was time to get rid of the stinging nettles. We had a pile of sandstone to brace the decent down to the lower garden. The remaining stones got stored for future use in the garden. We also got some more topsoil from our neighbour, which was digging some foundations. Step by step, we could plain the area and prepare everything for the use of heavy equipment.

The garden tiller was a great help. We collected more than 6 wheel barrows of stones and rumble as well as 6 more with weeds and roots. And there’s still a lot of them in the ground. At least, I planed the garden and sowed lawn-seed. Hopefully they will turn the upper garden into a nice meadow within the next weeks.

And if you’re wondering what this report has common with my logging railroads – well the right portion of the upper garden will become home of loading areas of my future garden-logging-railroad. But this will take some more month before I can start. But a heavy piece of preparation work is done.

Regards, Gerd