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[Waldbahn Gazette] West Side Lumber Co. Heisler #2 in N-scale

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 with 1 Comment

Hello logging railroaders,

at the moment, I struggle with some issues on my garden railroad project. It seems that I have just to many different projects and ideas going on, and I’ve to sort them out in those I can realize on my railroad, and those I should try to stop before it’s to late. So I use todays issue on my blog for another “Waldbahn Gazette”-post.

In the years between 2005 and 2008, I modelled a huge number of West Side Lumber Company related rolling stock in N-scale. While the prototype was narrow gauge, I modelled everything in 125% scale and operated them on std. gauge. Based on the very well made Atlas N-scale Shays, I made three 3-truck-Shays after WSLC prototype as well as 60+ cars and several structures. One masterpiece was the 4th engine, Heisler #2, which was entirely scratchbuild from brass some details parts and a KATO chassis for power. I sold this Heisler in 2008/9 as well as all other WSLC-stuff when I started construction of my 2″-scale Shay.

This project was brought back to mind this morning, when I read the sad news, that the owner has passed. His friend contacted me in search of details on the models. I searched my files and found the photos above and thought it would be nice to share this wonderful model with you as well. Remember, it’s N-scale and a unique jewel. I was glad to hear that this loco is still around and in good working condition.

Regards, Gerd

“Woods Furniture” – part 2

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 with 2 Comments

Let’s go to part two of the furniture works.

I rearranged the walls of the building from the original idea to a 2×4 pattern, which fits better into the space I have available. The first ideas came out to big in my opinion.

The two wall segments without windows got cut on the table saw to make the small side wall segments of the relief structure. Next, I glued each floor level together and finally both wall segments together. So enforce the whole structure, I added plastic channels and triangles on the inside.

Before I installed the windows and doors, I gave all bricks a wash of thinned brown paint to blend the bright cream bricks more into a brownish-yellow. Finally I installed the roof and main structure is mostly done.

Still missing is the foundation and some details parts.

Cheers, Gerd

“Woods Furniture”

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 11 September 2018 (Comments Closed)

Good morning,

since I’m still unsure about the final layout plan in the upper garden, I spend some more attention to Ronja Springs. At the right loading spur, I announced some industry. So let’s get started. Piko had a special offer for the furniture works “Franz Huber” (aka Mr. Mann’s Cannery). Since the space allows only background relief building, the Piko kit is a perfect base for kit-bashing, while the building is build from modular pieces, which can be rearranged very easily.

Beside the kit, I ordered a bag of additional columns to attach the wall segments together. While the cream-uni-colored structure looked somewhat boring, I decided to paint all the embossed bricks. It was quite some work, but turned out very nice. I also painted the corner and connecting columns.

The last photo shows a first test-fit. The whole structure will get a foundation to raise the door in the center to the level of the freight cars. This will become the loading door for boxcars.

Will be continued next week.

Bye, Gerd

Taking the grade to the upper meadow

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 4 September 2018 with 2 Comments

Hello friends, today I’ll show you the first stretch of track reaching from the raised station Ronja Springs to the upper meadow of our garden. The first grade has 3.5% and is 11 meters long. The line leads into the upper meadow and through an S-curve to the right of the garden. This is where […]