My garden railroad layout re-designed

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Hello folks,

I had some trouble and issues with my original layout designs and after dozens of other ideas, I’m pretty sure that I now have the best trackplan for my personal garden logging railroad. Once I got rid off all the stupid ideas I had as well as faulty compromises, I ended with a pure and iconic logging railroad.

I’ll start with some overviews. Unfortunately, the second one is 180° rotated.

The lower station “Ronja Springs” got some small updates. The furniture works moved from the right to the left spur track and will provide 2 car spots to serve the factory with freight trains.
The sawmill area will stay at the far left end of the layout. There will come a relief structure for the sawmill as well.

The “12”-scale dolls” are a good help to get a feeling for size and dimensions.

The upper garden got now totally redesigned. Going around the back of garden shed is not practical and there were some other ideas I had to put into the trash bin. The new design features a pure logging railroad paradise.
There’ll be a small logging camp near the old log-loading spur. This section is seldom used for active logging, but to store supply cars of the logging railroad.
The mainline continues to a backwoods-siding. Light-Green tracks indicates grades up to 2.5%, dark green 3.5% and red track will go up to 7%. Two more logging sides are connected via these steep grades.

There are basically two ways how to operate this layout:

a) Pure Logging Operation
Log trains are handled in single and double strings of log cars. A single string will contain 4 skeleton log cars (or 3 log cars when running with the Romanian CFF stuff). A train heading out of Ronja Springs may pull a double string up the 3.5% grade to the backwoods siding. Here the train is split and pushed in single strings to the loading sides. Once the loaded strings of cars are collected at the siding, a train with a double string (8 cars) will head down to the mill.
The logging camp and old log landing will be served from uphill-trains if necessary or also from the backwoods siding.

b) Freight Train Operation
Beside the log trains, I’ll also run some Shay powered freight trains to serve Ronja Springs. These may run uphill as well to the backwoods station, which than might be used as stagging yard for the freight train operation. The log camp and spur might be used as industry spurs. Except for Ronja Springs, all structures might be exchangeable for special purpose.

That’s for now, more soon.


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