[Mogul] Starting the rebuild

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 18 December 2018


starting this week, I’ll report the progress of my Mogul-rebuild. Once the loco arrived at my home, I tested the loco with compressed air first, followed by a steam-up to check if everything was working fine. As the loco was performing well on the workbench, I brought her out to the garden railroad for some test runs.

Later I finished the list of rebuild projects and started to dismantle the tender and loco. The tender once may housed RC-controlls and other equipment as most of the inner structure has been destroyed and a crude top-cover was glued on to hide the mess. So the tender will need some rebuild and fixing. It will hold battery and RC controller again. I’ll also add some details to my own favor.

The loco was fine so far and only showed marks from removed RC components in the back of the cab. Maybe I can restore it, or I’ll add a new cab rear wall.. As I figured out at the test runs in the garden, the very long Baldwin-style wheelbase of this 2-6-0 tends to trouble on the curves, even on LGB-R3 radius. I found photos on the web of similar Accucraft Moguls, which got rebuild to have a shorter wheelbase. I’ll try to do this on my loco as well and bring her more to the look of the Colorado&Southern Moguls, which were favorite locos of mine.

So I started to disassemble the loco as well, down to the frame. I found a lot of old oil, which got cleaned out of bearings and off the frame. Once the wheelsets have been removed, I started to figure our, how to move the rear drivers closer to the center driver.

I think this will become some kind of a challenge. The frame seems to be made from steel, so cutting or milling will be not easy. And I fear there’s only one try for this project. the last photo for today shows the position marked on the frame, where a new slot needs to be cut for the axle bearing.

Bye, Gerd

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