[Garden Railroad] Grass is growing at Ronja Springs

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Hello folks,

since I missed to post an update last week, here’s the latest progress on my garden Railroad.

Last year, I did some experiments with some cheap artificial grass on my layout which was not the beet one. This year, I found a new material with nice grasses which looked much more promising. So I overhauled the area at the water tower and I was very impressed by the result.

Finally I ordered some more of the same stuff and added it all over the station area. I added some more sand stones here and there as well a pile of rails and some sticks. Maybe I’ll use the same technique for the grade to the upper meadow.

The grass border has to additional functions. Dirt and gravel will no longer be washed away by rain, but the integrated drainage let water run of the baseboard.

Step by step, Ronja Springs turns into a well detailed “outdoor shelf layout” just as it was in my imagination when started with the project ;-)


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