My new keyboard

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Are you in trouble and need good arguments for your honey, why garden railroad trains are useful and handy? Well, here’s a genius life-hack for you:

I proudly present “Logging railroader’s keyboard”.

Well, it’s finally a joke to fill a gap here in my blog. I’m working on some bigger projects recently and didn’t find the time to write new postings for the blog yet. But I’ll please you with some 20+ minutes of video coming soon. Promised ;-)

Cheers, Gerd


  • Mike Beard says:

    Ha, ha. Great idea except where do they hang during running sessions. Maybe don’t answer that!

    Mike Beard :o)

    • Gerd Ziller says:

      Hi Mike,

      that’s why there are 3 locos for two sets of keys.
      I usually operate only one loco the same time, so I can simple hang it over to the not-used engine ;-)


  • Tobias says:

    Ein sehr schönes Schlüsselbrett.