[MLC] Further improvments to my logging flatcars

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 16 June 2020


after upgrading the old disconnects with functional brakes at the beginning of the year, I decided to spend an upgrade on the flat cars as well.

The design was quickly created from a few roof battens and hardware from the DIY-store. Especially the origin stake pockets didn’t fit well, especially since I changed the scale. So I made a new, more prototypical design in 3D and ordered them printed in PA-plastic as I did with the brake shoes.

I started with painting the new parts in freight-car-brown. A bigger challenge was to fond the correct spacing as well as the final rebuild of the cars. First I removed the old pockets and screws. I plugged the holes with wood dowels and painted them over.

Since the deck boards are wider than the frame. I had to made cutouts above the new pockets. Fortunately, this was easy doing with a Japanese saw and fretsaw.

The new holders, now 6 on each side, were then assembled with short bolts and square nuts. The difference is significant and the cars won by character and prototype-plausibility.

The other 4 cars will be converted next. Afterwards, I might start with a set of Gondola-sides for one of the flatcars which is on my wish-list for a long time.

Regards, Gerd

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  • Bernd Kreimeier says:

    Hallo Gerd,
    die Rungentaschen sehen um ein vielfaches besser aus, obwohl die alte Variante vermutlich besser zu einer armen Waldbahngesellschaft passen würde.
    Hast du tatsächlich die Laubsäge so eingesetzt? Ich frage, denn dann bist du ein Künstler besonderer Güte ;;).
    Es ist immer wieder schön deinen blog zu lesen.

    LG Bernd