[LVLC] Water Tank Car

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Let’s continue with a water car, to supply logging camps and steam donkeys with fresh water, in case there’s no natural source nearby.

The tank comes from an old Faller E-train tank car. The size was just perfect, but the tank lacks a lot of details. Finally, no issue for a passionate model maker like me. First, I removed some pipe attachments and closed holes and gaps with filling putty.

Next, I added pieces from self-adhesive foil to represent different layers of metal sheets. Such a tank car has to be riveted, which is shown by small brass nails. This work took some while but will look great once the tank is painted black. I also added a piece of round steel to lift up the filling hatch.

To keep the tank in place of the flat car, I added a timber frame with NBWs. Final detail are scratchbuilt valves, water hose and a ladder. Once the tank got painted and finally mounted to the flat car, I’ll add some tie-down-straps as well.

Let’s see what will happen to the third flat car.