[GVT] – Final touches on the 009 layout

Posted by Gerd on Saturday, 13 February 2021

Hi folks,

today I’ll share the last part of my little 009-layout-rebuilt.

A typical small detail on a Welsh or British little narrow gauge line would be sheeps. So I was looking for some fences to make a small section of a sheep meadow along tht edge of the layout, when I remembered our trip to Ireland some years ago. There we often saw rock walls instead of classic wood fences. But how to make such walls in model scale? The solution was pretty simple and came by accident. I ordered some cork ballast, which turned out to be way to coarse as to be used for track ballast. But what if….

I took a piece of plastic sheet and pressed a thick line of hotglue on top. Once covered in cork ballast, I kneaded the cork into the glue, whipped of the loose parts and formed a rock wall as long as the hotglue wasn’t to cold. This looked very promissing. I spend a quick paint with grey acrylic, followed by a white drybrush. The core of hot glue and cork pieces on top is flexible and can be bend to any shape. It can be cut with a knife very easy too. I added them to the layout with some more hotglue and added some green here and there to overgrow the walls.

Finally, the platform got a fence to the track behind, some benches and figures added. Once the lase scene was complete, the layout got called done and the railroad could start service to “Dropstone”.

Cheers, Gerd


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