[YLPC] Scratchbuild Water tower

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Hi folks,

while adding landscape scenery, I came to the idea to add a small water tower for the Shay locomotive. I collected some scrap wood and called my dad to 3D print his On30 water spout in half size. Base of the tank is piece of round wood, bored on the lathe to get a hollow tank. A matching disc from clear acrylic will create the water surface.

The scribed wood came with the sawmill kit was left over. I added some bands from 0.4mm wire. The trestle bends to rise the tank were built from strip wood as well.

Finally, I added some Woodland Water-Effects to the acrylic disc in the tank and of courste some slight weathering. In my opinion, the water tank is a great addition. BTW, the spout can be lowered and is connected to the counterweight by a thin thread.

Cheers, Gerd