[CFF] Cylinders and frame details

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 6 July 2021as , ,

Welcome back in the workshop,

today, I’ll show you some changes I made to the cylinders. They came from the high-pressure chassis of the Tssd-Mallet (BR 99-633) and are cast in brass. This makes machining a bit difficult. As the basic form of the part does not match the Budapest-style, I relocated the valve-gear guide, removed the counterpart on the face side and relocated the top cover to make the cylinders smaller. They still are too long but look fine. Some styrene sheet is used to represent the typical shape of the prototype cylinders.

The crosshead guide-piece also needs some cutting to make it fit into the Tssd-cylinders.

Beside the work on the cylinders, I made some progress on the side-frames. The journal-box-leads and leaf-springs also came from the LGB/Aster Mallet. I cut them apart to place the springs on top of the frame, as by the prototype.

I also cut the leaf-springs shorter to make them fit. Some brass wire, nails and styrene profiles do complete the side-frames for now. Oh, and I added brake shoes with hangers on the inside. The prototype loco is equipped with Klien-Lindner-axles, so only the two center wheelsets are braked.

Next week, I’ll focus on the valve gear, as the original LGB parts caused some complaints.

Cheers, Gerd

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