[CFF] Smokestack and more

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 31 August 2021as , ,

Let’s finish the boiler.

I was looking for cast brass parts to add the water feed valves, but I couldn’t get some. So I finally decided to make them scratch-built from brass. The parts are made on the lathe and I added some cast hand wheels. Looks better than the cast brass parts .

On top of the smoke box, the smokestack was still missing. This part was made from PCV round stock, shaped on the lathe as well and I added some small plastic pieces for final design.

Now the boiler is done except for the back head detail. I added the head light and some more pipes along the boiler. At the chassis, I placed the supports for the water tanks.

And to give a size comparison to my H0n30 fans, the last photo shows small Minitrains Krauss on the cab floor.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the boiler back head detail. I’ll show you the results next week.


  • Bernd says:

    Unglaublich guter Modellbau!!! Der Größenvergleich zur Minitrains Lok ist auch sehr beeindruckend!

  • Gerd says:

    Hi Jozef,
    thanks for the feedback.
    I dind’t find any acceptable sound yet, which works with Deltang-RC. At least, any good sound will cost a lot of money extra. Money that I prefere to invest into more models to come :-)
    Actually, I had ideas for a live steam loco, but it seems the loco is to small to be build in live steam in a reliable manner. So I guess this will not happen.

  • Jozef Milko says:

    Hi Gerd, I really enjoy watching you build this nice locomotive. As I can see, the locomotive has many details, you can use it as showcase model :-). It is great inspiration for me, I plan to build a new little live steam locomotive (scale 1/13). I have new Slo-mo so I can start with first steps of drawings. But back to your project. Will you use any sound system for this locomotive – as I remember you don´t like these forms of sound-ing :-) but may be you changed your opinion. I know it is early to ask you, but have you any project of live steam locomotive in your mind?