The “Feddy Sugar Company”

My Forney loco already got several rebuilds and was in operation for several different railroads. When I changed the model scale of my logging railroad in spring 2019, I begun to think about my Forney loco as well. She wouldn’t fit into the 1:7.2 scale of the log trains, so I decided to set up a separate train. So the loco went to a 30″-gauge plantagen railroad, hauling sugar cane to the factory. This new railroad got named “Feddy Sugar Company”.

Actually, the train is still under construction and will be finished in all details soon.

The loco got very little changes. I added the lettering and removed the headlights.

Based on Louisiana prototype cane cars, I build 4 new cars by using mostly scrap material from my workshop or salvaged from scrapped cars. The cars feature drop down sides.