The locomotives of the Waldbahn Eusserthal

Actually, I’ve 8 locomotives in service. The WBE operates mostly steam locomotives with European prototypes, but also some IC-locos. There are also two “exotic” steam locos for special photo runs.

All locos run on DC and got weathering and detail parts added.

Steam locomotives of the WBE

Most locos are from Minitrains, except for the classic Roco Feldbahn-locos. The Roco-units got equipped with coreless motor by sb-modellbau.

Shay and Hon30 live steam

The tiny 13ton Shay is a rare brass model made by Sugiyama in Japan. It features a fully working drive shaft which actually powers the wheels. A real cute gem and it’s a joy to watch this loco crawling over the layout with its own american charm.

The little Welsh saddle tank loco was made by Brian Caton in England. It’s a real live steam loco, burning methylated spirit. With a boiler fill of water, the loco runs for 8-10 minutes. It can run in both directions and hauls even heavy trains on scale-speed.

More about this loco can be found here -> 009-Livesteam