LVLC – locomotives

My Louise Valley Lumber Co. runs two geared live steam locomotives. Both are Shay locomotives, but one of them is on display only at the moment.

Class A 17ton T-boiler Shay #1 (Live steam)

The first locomotive on the LVLC was a 17 ton class A T-boiler Shay which was built around 1899. She was in service until 1920, when she was hardly damaged on a derailment and sold for scrap. Shay #5 was bought to replace her the same year.

This model is an old Accucraft open cab Shay from one of the early runs but performs very well. I added a wooden cab, a trackside detail kit and some more parts like water pump, firewood load, wooden boards on buffer beams and more. There’s also a Summerland chuffer installed for better sound.

The loco is lettered with dry transfers and features radio control which is installed in the water bunker under the wood load. She’s gas-fired and runs 20-30 minutes and more.

Class B 28ton Shay #5 (Battery)

This Shay was built around 1912 and came to the Louise Valley second-hand in 1920. She replaced the wrecked Shay #1. The Shay was already lettered as #5 when she arrived and the number was never changed. With the larger #5, longer log trains got possible on the railroad and the saw mill was expanded the following years as well as the number of log cars.

When I started into logging railroads in Fn3-scale, I got the chance to buy a whole collection from a friend how was switching scale to 7/8th. Today, some cars and this rebuild Bachmann Shay have left in my collection.

The Shay was on display for several years due to broken gears (a well-known problem with this loco). In May 2014, I repaired the broken gears and brought her back into service. I installed RC and batteries and she runs as fine as before. Meanwhile, I installed a sound system as well.