Romanian Logging Railroads “C.F.F.”

Wood was ever an important resource for construction and firewood, so logging is an old industry. With invention of the railroad, trains were also used to haul logs and timber out of the woods. In the following decades, a huge number of logging railroads were built all over the world. Some used specially made locomotives like the SHAY in the USA. Many logging railroads abandoned post WWII, so as well in Europe. But there was one El Dorado of steam log trains left in Romania, which became of interest in the 1980/90th. In the ancient Karpaten Mountains, some logging railroads were still in service as there were 40 years ago.

In 1945, the logging railroads of Romania were transferred to a national logging railroad, which was named “C─âile Ferate Forestiere” (C.F.F.). But in the 1980th, first railroads began to close operation as well. In many cases new build roads and lorries took over the wood haulage. Some other lines got closed due to dam construction.

Meanwhile all logging operations have abandoned except for the Wassertalbahn in Viseu de Sus. The old C.F.F. railroad is now in private hands of RG-Holz Company, which runs diesel-powered log trains. But a group of steam train enthusiasts also operates steam trains. It started as special train runs for railroad fans and enveloped into a tourist attraction, but still with the logging railroad roots in mind.