The cars of the Waldbahn Eusserthal

Beside the locomotives, every railroad needs cars to haul freight, passengers and goods. The roster of rolling stock includes many log cars, but also a huge number of passenger coaches, standard freight cars, coal cars and more.

All cars are made by MinitrainS, some got customized and all were weathered.

Log cars

For sure, logging cars are the most important cars for any logging railroad. Disconnect log cars were very common on European logging operations as you can load logs in variable sizes. I’ve 6 pairs of disconnects and for each car, I made a log load from real wood, which can be set on top of the cars very easy. This allows me to run loaded and empty trains, or to simulate the loading at the log landing.

Additional, the railroad also owns 4 log flat cars with stakes as well as 4 pulpwood cars. I made a log load for each of those cars as well.

Passenger cars

Bringing logs out of the woods is the most important job of a logging railroad. But how to get the loggers into the woods? Some Romanian railroads just used a flat car to haul people. Many other had second-hand passenger cars or build their own cars. The WBE bought 3 HFB passenger cars second-hand and uses them to haul loggers and other folks through the woods. The passenger cars are often added to own of the regular freight or log trains, but sometimes you can see pure passenger trains.

Freight cars & others

But there are even more types of freight to be hauled on a logging railroad. The loggers that may stay at log camps in the woods, have to be supplied with food, tools and other goods. The railroad itself has to haul coal and sometimes even water to supply their locomotives on backwoods stations. For such freight, a logging railroad holds a number of freight cars on its roster.

There can be additional special freight like a herd of sheep and don’t forget the char coal works on my railroad, which has to ship the char coal dry and save to the customer.

Last but not least, work cars for maintenance and a crane car can be very helpful to keep a logging railroad in operation.