MLC car roster

The Moody Lumber Co. uses classic wooden disconnect log cars as well as some special cars to haul loggers, goods and other supplies. The list below shows the car roster with some explaining words to the cars.

Water Car #3

There were two essential sources needed on steam engines. Fuel and Water. On some logging spurs, there’s no natural water source available, so the water has to be brought in by trains as well. Some railroads used old tank cars, other homemade water cars or, as the MLC does, an old tender, rebuild as water tank car.

This car is designed and used as riding car behind the steam locos. The installed water tank expands the locos on-board-tank for longer rides.

Crew & Camp Car #5

Cars like this were used for multiple purposes, hauling loggers as passenger cars of goods and supplies as boxcar. It can also be a mobile home for the track-gang when laying down new logging spurs.

Logging Flat Cars

Original, my 2″-scale railroad used wooden logging disconnects to haul logs. In 2018, I rebuild them into logging flat cars. The MLC now has 5 flat cars in service, which can be used not only for log hauling, but also for equipment and several types of other freight.

I’ll build a few additional gondola sides to haul sand and gravel as well.

Logging Caboose #7

Since all other cars are un-braked, the logging caboose is a necessary brake-car on longer trains and is also used by the train crew as shelter.

The caboose features interior and lighting (incl. tail lamps)