Trackside details and structures

Beside the rolling stock and tracks, I’ve also built a couple of track side detail stuff and structures/buildings to set up railroad layout scenery. Most stuff was built for the annual indoor live-steam convention each January in Germany. Meanwhile, I focus mainly on the logging camp #12 of the Moody Lumber Co.

The water tower

What is a steam railroad without a water tower? Not complete at all :-)

This functional model was built from roof lats, cut to size on the table saw, to build the bends. The water tank on top got a coat of paint (inside and outside) to avoid rust. We use this water tower on our layout at the indoor live-steam convention to water our locomotives.

Logging equipment

For our logging camp, I made three bunk houses and a donkey engine. The donkey engine was made from the winch assembly of my torn down log loader. The bunk houses are solid and can not be took down for easy storing, but we can store all the clutter inside them, since I rebuild the roofs to me removable. Since 2014, we also have a (electrical) campfire as well as a cooking oven.