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Sources for parts to make Hon30 modules like mine

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 25 January 2016 with 3 Comments


I get a lot of mails regarding the boxes and plugs I use for my Hon30 modular layout. So here’re a couple of sources or details that may help you to find similar stuff for your railroad project.

Module boxes

I buy my boxes at and they were original designed as wooden canvas for paint art. The product is called “CASANI” and available in many different sizes. Since Boesner is a German company, they may be available in Europe only. Anyway, I got two sources for similar stuff in the US, listed below. If some one can tell me a similar product range in GB – feel free to tell me and I’ll add them here as well.

Germany / Europe

Boesner – Casani-Boxes


Rex-Art – 2″ Cradled Panels

DickBlick – Easel Wood Painting

Plugs & Sockets

I use 4mm Banana plugs for panel installation. They are available in several types from and may be available to your country as well. Otherwise, please see the product descriptions below. You may find similar products at your local store. I recommend sockets, which have an all-though hole to take the plugs. Please note, the blow links will lead to the German website of

Conrad – Plugs

Conrad – Sockets

As usual, feel free to contact me in case of further questions.

Regards, Gerd


[Hon30] – Rolling stock storage and new power supply

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 18 January 2016 with 2 Comments

Hello folks,

during the indoor steam engine meet in Karlsruhe, some tool dealers also show up to supply the steam model builders with stuff. One of them also offers empty wooden boxes in various sizes. I got 6 with 13x20x4cm (inside) each for just 10,-€. I’ll go to use them to store my Hon30 rolling stock.

After removing the inlays, I lined 4 of the boxes with grey foam. The rolling stock is placed upright and will be softly clamped when the lid is closed. This will prevent them from moving.

In the 3rd layout storage box, which holds the fiddle yards, I had some room left over, which was holding the DCC stuff once. Since I switched back to DC, I had this room over. So I add some partitions walls and placed the boxes here. While the 3rd box on each stack wouldn’t fit in height, I just disassembled them, cut the lid down ba 8mm and reassembled them. Now I’ve two lower boxes wich will hold track/wheel cleaning equipment and car loads.

Beside the boxes is a small cabinet which holds the new power supply. It’s a high frequent PWM controller with bluetooth hand-held controller. My dad mad it for me and it work’s great.

With this projects done, the layout and storage boxes are finished. Next I’ll focus on my rolling stock to finish the new models for the show in March…


[BCRR] – Review of the 20th Live Steam Indoor Meet

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 15 January 2016 with 1 Comment

Good morning,

with a couple of days delay, here’s my review of the 20th Live Steam Indoor Meet in Germany from the past weekend. All in one, it was a nice event, but we had some issues this time. As usual, we had some new details at the show as every year. Jonas brought his wood dump cars to serve the new “Bear Creek Mining Co.”. Martin delivered just-in-time the new engine shed with workshop area which we painted just before the show.

Issues we had with the steam locomotives. On Saturday, the Forney derailed and some water piping broke at the tender tank so we had to fix it. Once everything was sealed with solder, the engine ran for two hours and the same issue happened again :-( We also spot leaky valves on the steam manifold and the hand brake broke. This calls for another huge maintenance stay in the workshops for this loco…

Last but not least, on Sunday, we had to take Shay #1 out of service. All 8 axle bearings were totally worn out. I used small roller bearings and they turned out to be a weak point. I’ll now rebuild the loco to ball bearings, but after the issues and problems we had, I don’t have any joy at the moment to get started…

Anyhow, here are a couple of photos of the 3 days. This year, they are not as much as last year, but it shows the new stuff and some photos along the line. On sunday evening, everything was packed up again within 3 hours.

Grüße, Gerd

[Exhibition] – My Hon30 logging layout will be shown in Sinsheim (Germany)

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 15 January 2016 with 3 Comments

Hi folks, my Hon30 layout will be first shown in public during the model train show in Sinsheim March 4th to 6th 2016.

[Hon30] – My new module is finished

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 January 2016 with 1 Comment

Hello logging railroaders, I’m proud to present my latest module creation finished. It’s the last (by now) module of my Hon30 logging layout. Enjoy the pics :-) Now I’ll focus more on my rolling stock in H0n30. Some new locos have to get weathered and detailed and there are some more models on my wish […]