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[LVLC] Preparing the sawmill construction #1

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 26 September 2017 with 1 Comment

After some research, I found a nice prototype sawmill, which will be used to build the Louise Valley mill.

The Pine Ridge Lbr.Co. was a very small logging operation in California’s Sierra Nevada. The mills output was rough cut timber only, which got sold to the nearby …. The lumber was send down to the finishing mill via the … flume.

This prototype is just the right size for a small and authentic sawmill for my logging railroad. I go to use the GardenTextures kit as basis. After my first thoughts, it has to be twice as long as the kit is.

First I got some red cedar and cedar wood, which is used to cut additional timbers for the sawmill. I cut them on my bandsaw, which works very well. The color of the wood doesn’t match perfectly, but it’s okay for me. Using the original parts from the kit, I cut a full set of parts to build a fifth main timber frame.

I copied the original plans to use them as templates during the construction. I nailed some stop and fixing blocks in place, to hold and align the timbers during construction.

Once the uprights are in place, I glue and nail the floor trusses first. Afterwards, the timbers for the roof are added. I used std. wood glue and small nails, while I predrill the nail holes to avoid the wood from splitting. Once the first side is done, I take the frame out of the jig, turn it over and add the second set of …. to the other side.

So first timber frame done, four more to go…

[LVLC] Sawmill kit by Garden Textures

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 with 2 Comments


some while ago, I found this sawmill kit on eBay. It’s in new and unbuilt condition and after a check, all parts are there. It’s a basic mill with a simple interior, but such kits allow a lot of customizing and bashing.

After a first view to the plans, I’ll stretch the whole mill to take the 16′ logs, which are hauled by the log trains. The original kit is designed to work with 10′ logs only.

During my research on the kit as well as on typical model train sawmills and prototypes, I found that many are “out-of-proportion” in general, or “un-logic” in construction. Some small mills were missing the board outlet or don’t have any space for them. Others are feet with huge logs, way to big to be handled inside the mill. Here are two examples, found on the internet.

So I’ll spend some thoughts on how I’ll build my sawmill. I’m very sure to build a realistic sized sawmill with plausible interior.


Demolition Man !!!

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 (Comments Closed)

Hello followers,

today, I don’t have a logging railroad related post, since I didn’t find the time last week for my model trains…

On our L-shaped property, we had a aux. building standing in the corner, blocking up the sight access to the upper garden area as well as cages up the small garden piece behind the house. Since our first look at the situation, we decided to torn down the old building, since it wasn’t in good condition anymore. Last week, day X was reached…

But first, I spend some preparing work, while removing the remains inside as well as material which have to be disposed otherwise than the rubble. This means the windows and door for example as well as isolation material. Beside the building to the right was also the old outhouse with cesspit, which was actually out of use for a long time now. Originally, the house had a peaked roof, which got removed during the summer. Now it’s time to torn down the rest of the structure.

I borrowed some heavy equipment to get the ceiling down, which was very well made out of concrete, stable enough to carry tanks I guess. Some friends from the neighborhood and family helped me out on this job. As tricky as the ceiling was, the walls were easy to fold in once the ceiling was down, so we managed to get the whole structure down within one day.

The next day, we cleaned up the mess and removed the remaining of the walls and foundations. Since the rubble container was already filled, we piled up the other stuff inside the carport. We’ll get the next container tomorrow.

Even out daughter was involved in the hard work, collecting pieces from the lawn and carrying rubble with her small wheel barrow. Maybe she knew, that on top of the old floor, a small playground will be erected next. And by the way, we were well catered by my wife.

Well, what a difference between Thursday and Sunday. Now we have much more light in our house and garden and we found a good flat ground for the playground coming soon. And at least, there was some Shay-action on the late Sunday just for fun…

Cheers, Gerd

[MLC] Forney steam up with issues

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 September 2017 (Comments Closed)

Good morning, end of august, I visited our live steam club layout. Since I had a few operation sessions with the Shay this year, I decided to run the Forney this time. At least, I struggled with some injector issues and after four laps, I had to pull the fire, since I was not able […]