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    [CFF] What about my rolling stock…

    Posted on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 with No Comments
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    Hi folks,

    round about 5 years ago, I placed my order for the Resita kit. Right afterwards, I started thinking on how to build matching cars and more important, which prototype model I could choose for my own Resita loco.

    The Resita kit arrived in late 2017 and I immediately started the built. But I still had no garden railroad at that time. So, I decided to choose a small operation instead of the bigger networks as Viseu de Sus, Moldovita or Comandau. Finally, I remembered some film scenes of the line at Cimpul Cetatii, so my Resita became CFF 764-467. This brought some additional features, since the loco didn’t hat headlights in later years, so there was no need to model them and I really liked the look of my loco.

    Meanwhile, the garden railroad line was built and after selling my Colorado-style trains, I was looking for another CFF loco. As I got a LGB HF110c (Frank S.) by accident, I rebuild her into my Krauss-loco, loosely based on the Oituz loco. I was also thinking about some additions to the Krauss loco and finally build two cars, based on Moldovita prototypes, as they used a Krauss loco as well.

    Actually, I built the Budapest loco. This project was already started many month ago by collecting parts and is based on the idea to make a battery powered 0-8-0 from LGB parts. So how about additional cars? My first idea was to build several new cars to accomplish several different CFF lines with plausible and authentic rolling stock. But why so much different topics? Never mind that some of my model are already freelance?

    In the end, I spend some more research on my books, made notes for potential and plausible matches to my rooster and how to get all different models united under one railroad operation. But is this really the best way? And would it satisfy me at the end?

    To be continued…

    [CFF] Boiler construction

    Posted on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 with 2 Comments
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    Hi folks, with the chassis of the Budapest loco done so far, it’s time to start the boiler. This will make it easier to design the boiler rest on top of the chassis and some other details. I decided to use a combination of PVC pipe for the boiler with domes and made from steel. […]

    [CFF] Chassis construction continiues

    Posted on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 with No Comments
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    Let’s continue construction on the Budapest project ;-) It’s time to get the main frame assembled. The sheets for the front and back were made from ABS plastic again by using the same tools and techniques as on the side frames. I added diagonal U-profiles inside the frame to support the couplers, as it’s found […]

    [CFF] Making LGBs excenter-valve-gear more prototypical

    Posted on Tuesday, 13 July 2021 with No Comments
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    For my new loco, I bought parts from a LGB IK loco to model the valve gear. Unfortunately, the excentre motion is rigged and moving separate. So, it was necessary for me to rebuild these parts into something more prototypical. First, I made some excentre discs from black POM (Delrin) on the lathe. I drilled […]

    [CFF] Cylinders and frame details

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 July 2021 with No Comments
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    Welcome back in the workshop, today, I’ll show you some changes I made to the cylinders. They came from the high-pressure chassis of the Tssd-Mallet (BR 99-633) and are cast in brass. This makes machining a bit difficult. As the basic form of the part does not match the Budapest-style, I relocated the valve-gear guide, […]

    [LVLC] Trains on a summer morning.

    Posted on Sunday, 4 July 2021 with 1 Comment
    in Operation Sessions

    Hi folks, after the op-session with my Romanian trains, I used the great weather to run my US-trains. Shay #5 is steamed up and ready to bring done some logs and broken equipment from the camp at Feddy Grove. When arriving at Ronja Springs in the morning, the station is still quiet. But just around […]

    [CFF] Starting a new loco project

    Posted on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 with 1 Comment
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    Hello fellows and welcome to a new loco build project here on my blog. When I finished my Krauss-loco 763-237, I immediately got the idea to build another one, using LGBs 0-8-0 chassis of the Ruegen-loco Mh53. This new loco should be based on the MAVAG type 85, also known as MAV-492. Such a loco […]

    [CFF] Running my Romanian trains

    Posted on Tuesday, 22 June 2021 with 1 Comment
    in Operation Sessions

    Today, I like to share some photos from ordinary service on my garden railroad. Let’s take a trip with Krauss loco CFF 763-247 on the railroad of Oituz. After leaving the station at the sawmill, the train runs through forests and meadows before the valley gets narrow and the grades steeper. Last runaround loop in […]

    [CFF] Resita Backdate

    Posted on Tuesday, 15 June 2021 with 1 Comment
    in Workreports CFF

    Hi folks, meanwhile, the garden railroad season has started. After a cold and unsteady May, several log trains have been operated in June already. And while doing so, I came to the idea to add some changes to my Resita loco. When I choose CFF 764-467 of the Campul Cetatii line, I did this for […]

    [YPLC] Final scenery on the microlayout.

    Posted on Tuesday, 1 June 2021 with 3 Comments
    in Layout construction,

    Hi folks, after the video presentation of last week, here’s the final building log of this micro layout. Each segment is 75mm wide and the backdrop 60mm high, while the track length is approx 3′. To make the backdrop, I searched the internet for a good photo of sandhill forests. With simple graphic tools, I […]