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[Waldbahn Gazette] More of my old N-scale WSLCo

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 2 October 2018 (Comments Closed)


I got some mails last week regarding some more information about my old N-scale rolling stock modelled after the famous West Side Lumber Co. Since the original website has gone, here are some photos of the model I build back in time and which all got sold away some years ago.

Two make the three 3-truck-Shays, I butchered five of the great Atlas N-scale Shays. Three of them got shortened for the power chassis and shells, the others were used for spar trucks and parts to make the tender extensions. I modelled the prototype engines #9, #12 and #14.

Beside the locos, I made a whole bunch of cars as well. Most of them the typical skeleton logcars, but also a large number of freight cars, tank cars and caboose. All cars were made from cnc-milled styrene and separate details parts. They used trucks and couplers from Microtrains. Over all, I made 52 cars, some of them are shown here as examples.

And of course, I also spend time on layouts as well. Most ideas never came to any build-status, but two attempts were actually made. Unfortunately, both layout attempts got scrapped and all the rolling stock sold. More about the layout I had started will be shown next week.

Bye, Gerd

[Waldbahn Gazette] West Side Lumber Co. Heisler #2 in N-scale

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 with 1 Comment

Hello logging railroaders,

at the moment, I struggle with some issues on my garden railroad project. It seems that I have just to many different projects and ideas going on, and I’ve to sort them out in those I can realize on my railroad, and those I should try to stop before it’s to late. So I use todays issue on my blog for another “Waldbahn Gazette”-post.

In the years between 2005 and 2008, I modelled a huge number of West Side Lumber Company related rolling stock in N-scale. While the prototype was narrow gauge, I modelled everything in 125% scale and operated them on std. gauge. Based on the very well made Atlas N-scale Shays, I made three 3-truck-Shays after WSLC prototype as well as 60+ cars and several structures. One masterpiece was the 4th engine, Heisler #2, which was entirely scratchbuild from brass some details parts and a KATO chassis for power. I sold this Heisler in 2008/9 as well as all other WSLC-stuff when I started construction of my 2″-scale Shay.

This project was brought back to mind this morning, when I read the sad news, that the owner has passed. His friend contacted me in search of details on the models. I searched my files and found the photos above and thought it would be nice to share this wonderful model with you as well. Remember, it’s N-scale and a unique jewel. I was glad to hear that this loco is still around and in good working condition.

Regards, Gerd

The Waldbahner-Gazette #2 – „Waldbahn im Casanital“

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 (Comments Closed)

Hello logging railroaders, at a model railroad show in Mannheim in January, I meet Daniel from Mannheim, which has watched my videos on Youtube about my Hon30 logging railroad modules. He was fascinated by the concept and design and told me that he’s going to build his own railroad soon. Now I’m happy to show […]

The Waldbahner Gazette #1 – “Galgenberg Waldbahn”

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 with 3 Comments

Hello friends of logging and forestry railroading and welcome to a new category here on my Blog. The “Waldbahn Gazette” will show you reports from other model railroaders, which are modelling logging railroads or related stuff. I got this idea while I talked to some new model railroaders, which started to build their own layout, […]

[WBE] German/French forestry railroad meet – The uneven twins

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 26 November 2017 with 2 Comments

Hello again from the smaller Hon30 railroad, in spring this year, I showed some layouts from other model railroaders, which were based on my design of the WBE. Bernd Iron copied my entire layout with some additional segments, and gave it a totally different look. Yesterday, he came for a visit and brought some of […]

[WBE] 3 years Hon30-layout “Waldbahn Eusserthal”

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 20 March 2017 with 1 Comment

Hello loggers, three years ago, I started my Hon30 adventure which became later the “Waldbahn Eusserthal”. Time for a small review, starting with some photos from the beginning. But my review will not focus on my own layout. Instead, I’ll show you two copies of my idea/layout build by other model railroaders. Since I started […]