LVLC – Cars

Beside the two locomotives, my LVLC also has some cars to haul logs as well as goods, spare parts, donkeys and other freight.

Skeleton Logcars (6 pcs)

Those skeleton logcars are used to haul logs out of the woods down to the mill or reload.

I scratchbuild these cars from wood, LGB trucks with metal wheelsets and homemade brass hardware. I described the construction along with some photos in an extra post ->

In Spring 2015, I build 3 more log cars. Now I’ve a total number of 6 for my log trains.

Crew Car #67

On many railroads, loggers and workers just ride on top of the log cars or flatcars to their workplace in the woods. The Louise Valley Lumber Co. has a special crew car which is mostly used on work trains. The car is 14′ long and the shortest one on the railroad. It was built in the own car shop by using old trucks from the scrap yard.

Most logging model railroads are running a caboose on their log train while just a few prototype logging railroads used cabooses at all. Most logging Railroads were just industrial lines and there was no use for a caboose. Brake men where riding on the log cars and there was no time for relaxing. The WSLC for example used cabooses on their trains due to a very long main line and fully wir braked trains.

This car came from Ralf together with Shay #5 and was weathered by Mac McCalla from California. The wheelsets are metal and the car runs very well. As all of my MoW cars, this car is “unpainted” wood, just weathered.

Flat Car #68

Flat cars can be used for nearly every job on a railroad. From hauling big parts, machines, timber, boxes, barrels… A logging railroad mainly hauls logs, but there are also a lot of other stuff that has to be transported to the log camps. This 16′ flatcar is used for all this type of freights mentioned above.

This car came along with #67 and #69 and was built from wood. Trucks and wheelsets are metal to give this car good weight. I added some boards for heavy equipment and to hide glue marks from a rebuild as watercar which was not the best one…

Later I made a new water tank which is hold in place by magnets. Now I can use the car multiple ways.

Tool & Work Car #69

Another 16′ flat car was used as tool & work car during the railroad construction and remained in this job. The workbench got a roof to spend some shade or to protect from rain. The car is on hand when ever repairs or track work has to be managed along the railroad. During the summer month, the car is parked at the basic logging camp out in the woods and can be moved quickly to any job site.

This model flatcar was rebuilt into a work car by Ralf, but the details and interior are made by my self. I used a lot of detail parts from my scrap box, some rails, boards, timbers…. I guess the car looks like a real “clutter car” on a backwoods railroads.

The basic flatcar is made from wood with metal wheels and metal trucks.

Box Car #70

To haul goods, food or spare parts, the railroad uses another 16′ freight car, a Box Car. Often the car is brought out to the camps on Monday with the supplies for the whole week until Saturday. Just fresh meat is delivered daily.

The model was built in 2015 from strips and plywood. Check the workshop reports for details. The basic flatcar was build similar to the other 16′ freight cars. The super structure is build with real framework just as the prototype. Hardware is from Ozark Miniatures. The car rides on metal archbar trucks with full metal wheelsets.