My Garden Railroad

When we moved to our new home, we also got a larger garden behind the house, larger than the old backyard, but still limited in space. Anyway, I got first ideas to erect a garden railroad here for my 1:20,3 and 1:19 scaled model trains.

In summer 2018, I started with the terminus station “Ronja Springs” at the lower end of the layout. I also finished some scenery around the station as well as the mainline leading to the upper section of the garden. The specific topographic of the garden made the planing difficult on the first look, but finally brought in some nice features. The lower station is settled on a raised baseboard approx 2-3′ above the ground. This allows easy access for switching and especially to operate the live steam locos.

At the upper portion of the garden, the rails will be laid on ground level, allowing the trains to run through the garden landscape.

For the moment, I posted some photo here from this years (2018) progress. I’ll update this page step by step once further progress has been finished. You’ll find all bog entires about progress and projects around the garden railroad layout in the specific category.

Here’s the actual track plan. The upper section will feature a continuous loop with a wye. This will allow longer runs and several different operation scenarios.