The “Moody Lumber Co.”

(Advice by the author : This page is still under construction. I’ll add photos and details during the upcoming season.)

Mr. Moody founded his sawmill in the mid 1920th after he acquired several acres of fine timbers in region with rough hills and creeks. Beside the sawmill, he also started to build a logging railroad so haul logs to the mill and to bring supply goods to the logging camps. Due to the rough woods, a std. gauge railroad was not possible, so Mr. Moody started to lay some 3′-gauge rails. When he was looking for some used locos and cars for his railroad, he came across the Bear Creek Lumber Railroad, which just closed down the year before and had several rolling stock still for sale. The BCRR operated on 30″-gauge which is seldom found in the US and therefore it was hard to sell the rolling stock. Mr. Moody took his benefits from this circumstances and got two steam locos and lot of cars for cheap. Back at home, the laid tracks got regauged and the new steam locos and cars got initially maintained in the new build shops.

20170201_211421First loco in service on the Moody Lumber Co. was Shay #1, which was used during construction and to haul the first logs to the mill. As the railroad expands, the valley bottom was easy to handle, but the best timber stands were up on the hills beside. Therefore spur tracks were laid up the hills and the Shay was mostly used on the logging spurs in the woods, while the Forney became the job of a “mainline-runner”, bringing logs from camp #12 down to the mill and taking care of the supply trains for goods and loggers.