The “Moody Lumber Co.”

(Advice by the author : This page is still under construction. I’ll add photos and details during the upcoming season.)

Mr. Moody founded his sawmill in the mid 1920th after he acquired several acres of fine timbers in region with rough hills and creeks. Beside the sawmill, he also started to build a logging railroad so haul logs to the mill and to bring supply goods to the logging camps. Due to the rough woods, a std. gauge railroad was not possible, so Mr. Moody started to lay some 3′-gauge rails. During the first years of operation, a very small roster was used to run the railroad. Mr Moody found a Class A Shay second-hand as well as some logging flatcars. One was soon rebuilt into a Box & Crew Car. A home-made waycar was added and mostly used as work caboose on work trains.

The Shay locomotive #1 was a small 14ton Class A T-boiler Shay, equipped with a steam winch to load logs in the wood.

The model loco is scratchbuilt from more than 4000 parts in 800h. The copper boiler is coal-fired and the engine is driven by a two cylinders engine with 30mm bore and 30mm stroke. The gear-ratio is 2:1. Both the steam brake and the steam winch are fully functional. In operation, the loco weights 165lbs.

The roster of rolling stock was very short and contained four flatcars. Flatcar #5 got rebuild into a Crew & Boxcar. The already mentioned waycar was homebuild as mobile workshop and features full interior. The short water car is used as riding car behind the loco.

All cars are scratchbuilt as well and use link&pin couplers. The Caboose is equipped with working hand brakes and I’ve plans to add hand brakes to all other cars as well.