Our snap-track system

Since I don’T have the place to set up a permanently railroad, I’ve built a large number of snap-tracks, to set up temporary layouts. This makes it also possible to set up different layouts each time and at least to present and operate my layout on conventions or other events.

Gleis_0I’ve used rails from www.wdef.de, welded on “helper-ties” of 15x3mm steel bars. The tracks are then screwed to wooden main-ties. This results in a nice looking track and is easy to build. The steel-ties are giving the correct gauge even when the wooden ties are beginning to rot. Rotten ties can be replaced very easy. This construction is wights less than pure steel ties and is cheaper.

Actually, I’ve approx 345 feet of track and 7 turnouts (One three-way, 3 left hand and 3 right hand). All turnouts are built as stub switches.