[LVLC] Dolbeer Donkey – part 2

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Welcome to part two of the Dolbeer build-log.

After finishing the wood sled last week, I continued with the boiler. Looked like a simple straight-forward “drill & glue”-job…

Well, a test-fit of the smoke stack showed, that the hole in the boiler top is to wide. To make it fit nice and keep the stack removable, I made a brass ring on the lathe, which got glued into the boiler, which I drilled with a 16mm end-mill. The rest was really easy assembling.

So I went ahead to the next bag of parts – the steam engine

This chapter needs some more filing and fitting, until all the parts came together. There are some burrs to remove and some holes needed. At least, the instructions are well written and the drawings/photos were helpful to get all the parts together.

Since the next parts bag only includes the winch assembly, I glued the few parts together as well. Now it looks close to the final model, but there’s still a bag of small bits and parts left as well as the water tank..

More next week, Gerd