My roots in model logging railroad

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 7 August 2017

For the summer break, I don’t find the time for model railroading in the moment, I have some rare photos from my first log train.

This log train was built in … to the great Romanian logging railroads for G-scale. The steam loco “Berta” was kit-bashed from a Playmobil loco. The three original cars, two logging flats and the tool&crew-car are still in my collection. Unfortunately, I sold the steam loco some while ago. This train was one of my earliest scratch-built trains and one of the best at that time.

For a public garden railroad show, I even made a “simple” display layout. To bad, I can’t remember which year this was. I guess somewhat around 2000.

This was also the time, where my nickname “Waldbahner” (German for “logging railroader”) was born.