[MLC] Forney steam up with issues

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Good morning,

end of august, I visited our live steam club layout. Since I had a few operation sessions with the Shay this year, I decided to run the Forney this time. At least, I struggled with some injector issues and after four laps, I had to pull the fire, since I was not able to top-up the boiler water.

Since I had some duty on our public ride trains, I got the chance to operate the K1 Garrat instead, which was built by a club member. This loco weights 380kg and is a real compound engine, build in 1:4.5 scale. The engine has a lot of power and is a real pleasure to run her with some heavy load. That’s close to real steam loco operation ;-)

While driving home, I got an idea about the injector issues I had on the Forney. At home, I checked the injector steam valve and found some sealing material, which ran across the bore. This has limited the steam flow so the injector was not able to feed into the boiler. I had a quick steam-up the next day to check the injector again and it worked better now, but still not 100%.

After some days of thinking, I decided install new axle-driven water pumps (the old ones got removed some while ago due to issues). The injector only is finally a solution for short-distance runs as I had on my annual “big logging Show” on the live steam convention. But for long-distance runs, the axle-driven pumps will be the better choise, especially on the small boiler, which has not enough reserves to operate an injector while running under load.

I’ll post some updates once I get started with the new pumps.

Cheers Gerd