Adding a steam whistle and working head light to my Accrucraft Shay

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 27 April 2014

I did some modifications to my Accucraft Shay during the last days. Since last year, I had a steam whistle in my box and now I added her to the Shay. We had to reconfigure the RC so I also installed a LED to the headlight.

The old Accucraft Shay has no free place to mount a whistle valve on the boiler. So I made a T fitting from brass and installed the valve together with the pressure gauge. I replaced the lever on the valve for RC. The whistle itself was placed beside the boiler and below the run board where the steam brake cylinder should be. The 3mm pipe was bend around the gas tank and I cut a slot to the runboard to lead the pipe through it. This was easier than a big hole were the union nut would fit through.

The Servo for the whistle valve was placed in the water tank where the other RC components are already installed. The valve is connected with a fishing line, so I added a roller to guide the line. The parts are made from brass stock.

BTW.: The 2,4GHz-RC components are developed and made by my dad and they are working fine. I can control the speed (steam valve), direction (reverse gear), steam whistle and the head light. All RC components are placed in the water bunker and are protected from water and oil.

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  • Thomas says:

    Hallo Gerd,

    ich habe dich Anfang des Jahres in Sinsheim auf der Messe getroffen und hatte mich für Waldbahnen interessiert. Wir haben unds kurz unterhalten und ich habe mir die Holzverladeaktion mit deiner großen Shay angesehen, beeindruckend. Seit gestern habe ich eine Accucraft Shay aus den USA, gebraucht, funktioniert aber einwandfrei. Allerdings kommt mir die Betriebszeit etwas kurz vor, vielleicht 10 min. dann muss ich Wasser nachfüllen. Wie sind da so deine Erfahrungen?
    Danke für ne kurze Info.