The fiddle yards are done

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 19 June 2014

I just finished the fiddle yards today.

On the large fiddle yard, I milled the area below the turnouts 1mm deeper with a router, since the Fleischmann Turnouts are 1mm higher than the Peco flex track. Now the track heads are even and the trains run very well. I added wooden buffer stops to the dead-end tracks and a frame from 5x5mm strip, where I can place non used rolling stock inside so they can’t roll away.

I also made the small fiddle yard wich can be used on two different ends of the layout. That’s why this segment has to single track. My first idea was to connect both ends directly, but that way, I couldn’t use the rerailer on the curved section. Therefore I mad to single tracks. A small frame for rolling stock is also glued to the top.

In operation, trains will stop on the track and the cars will be taken of the tracks ans stored in the frames or boxes beside. The loco can be moved to the other end and with the help of the rerailer, a new train can be set up very easy.