Ballast and grass

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 12 June 2014

This time, I missed to make photos since I was in such a good process. I’ll show you some detail photos of the steps from today when I get one of the next modules done.

I mixed up some fine brown, fine light grey and middle grey Woodland ballast and added some yellow sand. This is my logging railroad ballast and turns out very nice. I glued the ballast as usual with water-whiteglue-mixture.

Once the ballast was dry, I started with the sand and gravel paving and covered the whole ground with Woodland fine turf “Earth blend”. Later there’ll grow grasses, bushes, trees and much more.

Inside the engine shed I added a wooden floor. Now one can imagine what this module will look like one day.

Meanwhile I installed the other plugs ans sockets so all modules can now be plugged together. And I got the mail today, that my first set of the new Minitrains model were shipped. Can’t wait for them since several month now :-)