A video about my flexible and modular Hon30 logging railroad

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 12 September 2014

Hello guys,

I uploaded a little video that shows the flexible and easy assembling of my modular Hon30 logging railroad layout. It’s fully “plug&play” and can be set up in a few minutes and if you like, you can just change the setup during your operation session. I started with a simple shelf layout design, extended to an L and finally I got an U shaped Layout.



  • Robert Hagen says:

    I have been a a model railroader for sixty-five years, but have been limited to “armchair” layouts for the last fifteen. I’ve been looking for an ideal “retirement layout” concept, and I believe that I have found it with your efforts! I echo Stephane’s question. Are there more details regarding the connectivity interface “standards”? I could figure out a solution on my own, but why waste time/effort “reinventing the wheel” if there is something I can use so that I can start building right away!!! Thank you Gerd and all the rest of you! Great blog, by the way! Sincerely, Bob Hagen (in California)

  • Helmut Brötsch MBT Niederrhein says:

    Super Anlage, schön klein, gefällt mir
    eine frage habe ich zu den elektrischen Übergängen von einem zum anderen Modul
    Welche Stecker und buchsen benutzen Sie? Die Idee ist gut. Es wäre schön ,wenn ich eine Info bekommen könnte.
    mit freundlichen Grüßen
    h. Brötsch Modellbahnteam Niederrhein Kreis Viersen

  • Stephane says:

    I love your layout and i search to made more modules for my HOe layout with your system.

    But: how have you made when you are planning the track plan for all the tracks can connect correctly module by module? Because you have a lot of solution for this layout (U, L, ….).

    Thank you.