Splitting logs in HO-scale

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 4 September 2014


yes, another Wednesday has passed and I spend some more time on my logging railroad.

For my char coal burning, I needed some stacks of split logs/pulpwood. While most of the plastic stuff from the kits doesn’t look well, I decided to make them myself as usual. I took some fine twicks and cut them 15mm long pieces. The thicker pieces were than sliced into pieces with a knife and a small hammer. Some were just quartered, others were cut into 6-8 pieces. Once all the logs were done, I glued them to the module with white glue.

Beside the log stacks, I placed some figures and detail parts to finish up the scenery. At least I added a smoke unit to one of the char coal piles and I like to add some electronics so the smoke unit will run for round about 30 seconds once it’s triggered by a push button at the side of the module.

Well, these two segments are finished too and I can go ahead for the next one with the little pond on it. I look forward to make some good photos of the new segments as well as of the whole finished layout so far and I’ll show this photos here on my blog.

Bye, Gerd