The Hon30 locos for my logging railroad are done !!!

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 15 October 2014


yesterday I finally finished the Hon30 steam locomotives of the WBE. I spend an airbrush weathering to the locos and added a lot of clutter, detail parts and other stuff, which is typical for such logging engines.

Larger photos of all locomotives are now also shown on the following locomotives page which is also linked in the top menu => The WBE locomotives

With the locomotives done, the roster of the WBE is finished, except for the Shay. I’m not sure how to include the Shay into my Hon30 logging at the moment. Therefore I’ll wait with the detailing and weathering until I found a final decision.

Now it’s time to continue the work on my last module of the logging layout :-)

Grüße, Gerd


  • Keith says:


    I like the weathered look that you have added to the locomotives.

    Now that you’ve built and scenicked the layout sections, and completed your roster, will there be an updated video of operations on the layout?


    • Gerd says:

      Hi Keith,
      thanks for your comment. Sure, I’ll post a new video one day, but the last section of the layout is still in progress. Therefore it will take some more weeks until I got the whole layout finished so far. In my mind are new ideas for another section for my layout, but they are postponed for maybe next year due to many other open projects at the moment.
      Cheers, Gerd