The big log train movie

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 9 November 2014

Well, it’s finally done…

after 4.5 hours of work and from 50 minutes of raw material, I finally got a 14 minutes movie about my Hon30 logging railroad. Unfortunatlity I forgot to make photos along the videos. Anyhow… maybe at the next operation session.

As they are shown in the movie, here are some details about the nametags I made for the stations.

I bought some brass frames to hold small signs or name tags. Such frames are common used on file boxes for example. I just screwed them in place and now every station, junction and loading spot has it’s name visible. This will be helpful for operation sessions together with friends.

The best thing on these frames is, that I can easily change the location of the layout. I have one set with the German names of the modules and a second set with the English names. Together with my upcoming fleet of US logging locos, I can use my layout both for European railroads or North American.


  • Craig Stedman says:

    Very well done, I am in awe!

  • HUBERT Pascal says:

    Hello from France, from Normandy,
    Ten days that I discovered your site, I’m stoned bien the genious of your system and the beauty of your different boxes/frames.
    It seems simple but there is a lot of work, of agility, and “savoir faire” now how in what you have achieved.
    You are a real source of inspiration for me and I’m planning something HOe from your exemple.
    I haven’t all understood all what you have done, even if I have looked many times at the photos. I don’t know anything on DCC even if I knowit is the way I want to manage my layout.
    I think I’ll have a lot of questions for you, for exemple “What is the creamy paint you put on the foam and the plaster ?” and other on the solder track at the end of the boxes ?
    I don’t want to disturb you, so you’ll say me if once in a while I can ask for undertanding how you have done it.
    Wonderful work, very inpiring.
    Many thanks for the blog and the sharing.

  • Peter Smith says:

    this has been posted on the Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Forum where I am a member. I do HOn30 US outline and like your models a lot. I too have found Minitrains a great source of locos and stock. I have some of the European Minitrains with no work just now so your ideas are very interesting
    Many thanks
    Peter Smith

  • sehr schön gemacht Gerd :-)…habe jetzt auch die ersten Mintrains Wagen…:-)