The new log loading scene

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 19 December 2014


today, I’ve the photos of our new log loading scene that we’ve raised on Monday. As described earlier, we switched from par-buckling to Guy-Line-Loading with a spar tree. We alreads tested this new loading technique in Zürich in May and it worked fine. You’ll find a video somewhat earlier in this blog.

Well, we had some challenge to get the spar tree raised in a convention hall. But we finally found an easy way – We screwed the 10.5 feet spar tree on a foot plate and run the anchor lines to the supply channels and tightened them inside the channel. The result is a very strong standing spar tree for the guy line loading.

Next we did the whole rigging for the guy line loading as shown in the sketch beside. The brow log was constructed too and once the log landing was done, we raised some of the other structures and started the installation of the signals. just before the ballon track, we added some more curves and finally got 15feet more main line track.

The last miracle is the turntable story. We finally decided to build a new one which will be more american style and large enough for our steam locomotives together with the riging car.